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Earn from Swagbucks Just Watch Videos and Comments

The Swagbucks site provides services to its users to fill out surveys, view advertisements, or watch YouTube videos. Later, you will get points from these activities.

From the Swagbucks site, you can exchange the points you get after completing a series of tasks. The points can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers or credit from a Paypal account.

This website has been reported in various international media, so you don’t need to worry about its security. Here are the steps that you must follow so that you can pay dollars to watch YouTube regularly.

Open the Swagbucks website via the link

Register or Login first.

Click Discover

Choose which ads you will see.

Meanwhile, YouTube video ad options are not always available on this site. But compared to other sites that are not necessarily safe, Swagbucks offers better services.

Even though the option to watch YouTube videos for a dollar is currently not available, you can still earn money on this site by filling out a simple survey.

Apart from using the Swagbucks application, you can also try to get additional income with the following application :